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Just a few from our set list


      The traditional and 'modern'  folk and country list includes...

Broad majestic Shannon

Dirty old town

Clare Island

Fairy tale of New York

Galway girl

The greengrocer's daughter

Wagon wheel

I'll tell me ma!

Nancy Whiskey


All around my hat

Mingulay Boat Song 
I'm a man you don't see every day

Prickleye bush
Irish Rover

Whiskey in the jar
New York girls 

Wild mountain thyme

Raggle Taggle Gypsy

Road to Santiago

Black velvet band


Mairi's wedding

The Boatman

Dancing as fast as I can

Bury me standing

Rocky road to Dublin

Working man

Gosport Nancy

Durham gaol


Green fields of France

Log cabin home in the sky

Sleepless nights

McAlpine's Fusiliers

Yn Harbwr Corc


Wild colonial boy

Auld triangle

Santiano (French)

Rose of England

Kelly, the boy from Killane

Country roads

Blue eyes cryin' in the rain (English and/or French)

Roddy McCorley

Whiskey you're the devil

The story

Here's to you


Country honk

Arrogance, ignorance and greed

Blind fiddler

Come on Eileen

Fisherman's blues

Diamonds on the water

I'm a rover

Come on Eileen





Goodnight Irene

Union maid

Newport beach

Put out the lights

Granite years

When the ship comes in

Johnny come lately

Star of the County Down

Banks of Sicily


Wild rover

South Australia

Rare old mountain dew

The leaving of Liverpool

Holy ground

In the jailhouse now

Thousands are sailing

Body of an American

Leave her Johnny

Bobby McGee

Fields of Athenry

House of the Rising Sun

20th April 1990

Raggle taggle gypsy

The Ferryman

Song for Ireland

The Spanish lady

Stanton Drew

Viva la Quinta Brigada

Molly Malone

Working man

Galway shawl

The band played Waltzing Matilda

Working man

Lakes of Pontchartrain

Steal away

Blaenau Ffestiniog

Honey, honey

When I'm up

Duw it's hard

The gambler

By Northern Light

Muirsheen Durkin

King of the road

All the way from Tuam

Schooldays over

Rose of England

Yma o hyd

New rose

Take me home, country roads

What a beautiful day

Will you go

Blood wedding


Galway farmer

Cousin Jack

Way down to Lamorna

Singalongs and songs we've been asked for, including...

Maggie May

Hey Jude

2468 Motorway

500 miles

Bugger the bankers

Out on the weekend

Stop the cavalry   (at Christmas!)

Auld langsyne   (guess when!)

Where do you go to, my lovely

Daydream believer

Always a woman

La mer


Hymns and arias (special lyrics written for rugby clubs)

Heart of gold

Calon lan


And a few times we've been asked for the Welsh and the Irish National Anthems... in the respective native tongue... and we have delivered.

Blackthorn stick

Peggy Ryan's fancy

Drowsy Maggie (reel)

Maid behind the bar

Donnybrook Fair (jig)

Horse's Bransle

Strayaway child (jig)

Ger the rigger (polka)

Bill Sullivan's (polka)

Cliffs of Moher (jig)

Miss McCloud

Concertina reel

100 Pipers

St Anne's reel

Merry blacksmith

Princess Royal (jig)

Connaughtsman's Rambles

Pipe on the hob

Hag on the churn


Hawthorn hedge

Frosty Morning

Betty Likens


Jigs, reels, slipjigs, waltzes, polkas....

Out on the Ocean (jig)(jig)(jig

Gold Ring (jig)

Trip to Broadford (waltz)

Morrison's jig

Dick Gossip's reel

Cooley's reel

Swannanoa (waltz)

Silver Spear (reel)

Rights of Man (reel)

Wind that shakes the barley

Kerry polka

Manx tunes (set of 5)


Farewell to ireland (reel)

Elzic's Farewell (reel)

The Banshee (reel)

The Orphan (jig)

Tabhair dom do lamh (waltz)




... and lots, lots more


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