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Razor Bill   is the popular Pembrokeshire folk band...

                    ... a band of people who love to play and sing traditional and modern folk.

With a generous hint of Poguetry and other Celtic influences.

And the occasional touch of country

Plus a few songs and tunes you might never expect! 


So.... folk.     What does that mean? 

To us it's about acoustic music from a wide range of sources, both traditional and modern.  If we like it and it works, we'll give it a go.


You can see and hear some of what we play on our Songs and tunes page.

Three 'core' band members....  Philippa, Matt and Graham

Matt plays lovely accordion. And his guitar gives real

depth to jigs and reels, and lays the foundations for

the band's songs and tunes.  He's also a great banjo

player, with the 5-string behind the songs... especially

the Irish and American numbers...  and the tenor banjo

for picking traditional and modern songs and tunes.

He sometimes takes the vocals, especially if it's a Pogues'  number. 


Philippa is a brilliant fiddle player, bringing colour and

depth to everything the band does, especially when it's an

Irish, Scottish or American tune.

And even more so if it's a Welsh number!

She also adds the lovely tones of the cello when it's

something that really benefits from those long steady tones.

Graham plays bodhran on the tunes, plus whistles, harmonica, and 'bones' (or spoons).  And he's the band's main singer.

Another one with wide tastes, from old tunes to The

Saw Doctors and The Bully Wee Band, from English

and Celtic folk classics to Dylan and Woodie Guthrie,

via Bellowhead, Show of Hands and many others.

And our two 'occasional' musicians

Pete has been with us since the beginning and Seán played bass with us for several years. And although they've had to step down from playing full time they do join us when they can, and when we need them for a particular line-up.

Pete has been playing good music for years. When he's with us he leads the way on concertina for the jigs, reels, polkas and waltzes but he also plays guitar and mandolin,

along with the occasional backing vocals. 

His  musical tastes run from traditional English

songs and tunes, through Irish and

Scots' music and on to modern folk and country.

Seán is a wizz with anything that has strings attached.

He plays bass, mandolin, 6-string guitar, ukelele... whatever.

Loves The Levellers.

He's also a wizard with sound and anything electronic and when he's on the mixing desk we know our sound is as good as it gets. 

Pete's slipjig... into... When I'm up
By Northern Light
Fisherman's blues

Razor Bill - Pembrokeshire folk band.         Razor Bill. - Pembrokeshire folk band    Razor Bill - Pembrokeshire folk band

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