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       Upcoming gigs


                Carew Castle                
Monday May 6th          10.0 am  to  3.0 pm

Four sets over the day, at the Carew Castle Car Show -
an array of vintage and classic cars, motorbikes and
military vehicles, with lots to do for all the family.




              The Royal Oak, Fishguard              Sunday May 26th                     2.0 pm
It's Fishguard Folk Festival over the Bank Holiday and we're here again... in one of our favourite venues.


              Letterston Village Hall             
Saturday June 29th                        8 pm  to  10 pm

The final event in Letterston carnival day

              Pembroke Castle             
Sunday June 16th          Some time around 4.45--5 pm

It's the RNLI Bi-Centenary Lifeboat Day musical celebration with several local bands and choirs


Pembrokeshire folk band Razor Bill                                Pembrokeshire folk band  Razor Bill                            Pembrokeshire folk band  Razor Bill                             Pembrokeshire folk band  Razor                                              BillPembrokeshire folk band  Razor Bil                  Pembrokeshire folk band  Razor Bil

Loads of others coming up ...   Watch this space!


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