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A few Razor Bill highlights...


The big news is....

... after our St Patrick's Day gig at Dennis Cafe in Tenby we had a call from an excellent musician who asked if we needed an occasional bass player. We didn't... but we did like the idea of a non-occasional bass player.

So Dave Griffiths joined us at The Royal Oak in Fishguard and it was like he'd always been there. So welcome, Dave. I'll upgate the 'Who we are' page as soon as I get a photo or two.

We're looking forward to the usual crop of private parties again in 2023... two weddings in Lamphey - one for long-time fan Tessa. And a birthday bash in a brewery in September which is right up our street!

It's been a great start to the year... in February we did a 75 minute slot for our friends in the Tenby Arts Club. What a great crowd... singing along.

Then it was Cafe Dennis in Tenby for St Patrick's Day, with a post-Patrick at the Castle in Manorbier the day after, Saturday.

We've never before heard a whole cafe singing, or seen virtually an entire pub up on its feet dancing! Brilliant audiences.

Following that was the Royal Oak in Fishguard when Dave joined us... seven encores and an extra half an hour playing before they'd let us leave!


And there's always more in the pipeline, so keep an eye on the Gigs page for what's coming up.



Razor Bill - Pembrokeshire folk band.         Razor Bill. - Pembrokeshire folk band        Razor Bill - Pembrokeshire folk band

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